Notes On Establishing Issues For Selection Interview

Swanson told Esquire in an interview published Wednesday. I mean, Im not a great political brain, but I definitely have a pretty simple take on politics that involves common decency. Its usually easy for me to vote because one party usually offends me by being indecent, he continued. On one hand, I understand the dissatisfaction that has led to [Mr. Trumps] selection. But, on the other hand, I have to say, if youre going to make a statement with your dissatisfaction, you really shouldve found a better representative of your desires. But Im just going to try and continue to promote good manners wherever I can. Asked who he plans to vote for in November, the 46-year-old actor and real-life woodworker said there is no logical or sane or moral choice to be made other than voting for Hillary Clinton. But I also think that if she were not a woman, we would not be in this boat. I think the election would be over already, he lamented. And thats another sad thing, that a large reason theres so much anger and mistrust of her is because people are very reluctant to see the patriarchy topple. I am incredibly excited that the glass ceiling will be shattered, Mr.

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selection interview

selection interview

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