Some Helpful Guidelines For Handy Vocation Tactics

Cranberries will be tart and any increased natural sugar means less sugar you have to use. The problem is that finding a window of post-frost, pre-cranberry mush can be difficult, especially when we get those fall rains which quickly rot the berries. I find myself in favor of picking when the temperatures are cool, but before the frost. I try to pick the berry when it is more burgundy than red and has a muted sheen. I always want to pick cranberries that are completely red, but sometimes its difficult to see that the underside is white until after it is picked. Even on a good year, I dont end up with much. Ill have enough to make a cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving and if Im lucky, enough to make a savory sauce to put on sweet potatoes. Cranberries freeze well and are easy enough to throw into muffins and quick breads or added as a colorful accent in galletes or crumbles. As much as I appreciate the cranberry and eating local, the greatest thing about cranberries for me is getting out on those last fall days before the weather forecast calls for 100 percent chance of rain. And, if its dry enough, theres always a chance to catch the lemony aroma of Labrador tea.

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